There are a lot of different opinions on the best time of day to take vitamin D. In order to make sure that they take vitamins on a regular basis, many people like to make them part of a daily routine. Personally, I take vitamins at night before I go to bed but others prefer to start their day with supplements. There are reported benefits and drawbacks to both:

Benefits of vitamins in the morning

Some people report that taking vitamins at night interferes with their sleep.[1] A 2007 study found that there were associations between vitamins and poor sleep but nothing was proven. Other practical considerations include your daily routine.  Many families find that they have an established morning routine.  If this sounds like your household, then incorporating vitamins into the morning routine might work for your family.

Benefits of vitamins in the evening

It has been reported that some people feel nauseous when taking vitamins.[2] Taking them before sleep could minimize those sensations. Your family may also find evenings are a time when you unwind and relax and therefore this could be a good time to incorporate your daily dose of vitamin D.

It has also been recommended to take vitamin D with food. According to a study in 2010[3], vitamin D was most effective when taken with the largest meal of the day. The theory is that as vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and is absorbed through the intestines. Some experts feel consuming vitamin D with a large meal that contains some fat or oils maybe an effective way for vitamin D to be absorbed into the body. Keep in mind that Ddrops products already contain purified coconut oil, so the vitamin D is already paired with an oil.

However, it likely does not matter when you take your vitamin D. The many studies that try and nail down a time for optimal absorption are so conflicting that no one has a conclusion.[4]

With taking medication, many people recommend building it into a daily routine to help make sure that you are consistent and stay on track.  Another related point is to make it easy to take something daily.  Some people find liquids (like Ddrops!) easier to swallow than pills and capsules. Take our quiz at the bottom of this page to find out if you need a vitamin D supplement! Since time of day does not seem to effect vitamin D, it seems that as long as you are taking your vitamin D supplements at some point during the day, you are golden. Enjoy!

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Natalie Preddie is a Ddrops guest blogger. She is also a freelance writer who lives with her husband and dog in Toronto. They just had their first baby and couldn’t be happier! Natalie has been published in the Toronto Star, Star Touch Magazine, PAX Magazine, Vv Magazine,The Baby Post and her popular travel blog, The Adventures of Natty P. Natalie believes that travel is the best education possible and encourages family and friends to explore, discover and learn in order to grow. Natalie also believes in finding deeper solutions in mind/body instead of just treating symptoms. In 2014, Natalie won the Canadian Public Relations Society: Young PR Pro of the Year Award. This year, Natalie won Travel Writer of the Year 2015 for her series on Ontario’s Norfolk County.