A common misconception with vitamins are that they are not harmful because they are “just vitamins”. There is some truth to this if the instructions are followed closely and the product is used as directed.  However, if parents are not careful, it is possible to give a child too much of a good thing! This is why it is common to see warnings on packages and advertisements about attention to the dosing and administration. As with all products that are ingested, it is very important to read all the information you can, including the outside package, label and insert. Also your healthcare practitioner is usually familiar with products, and sometimes may have special dosing instructions specific to your child.

Ddrops® products are designed carefully to incorporate several important safety features .  Here are some points regarding these safety features :

  • Baby Ddrops® uses our “Euro Ddropper™” technology. The size of each drop is 0.03 mL containing 400 IU of vitamin D.  The drop size is based on the surface tension of our carrier oil and the size of the orifice in the dropper.  These factors remain constant, thus ensuring a consistent drop size.  Every lot of Ddrops® is tested to confirm this dose consistency.
  • By design, the “Euro Ddropper™” format limits the amount of liquid dispensed at any one given time, avoiding spilling or leaking. The glass bottles come with this bottle orifice reducer already in-place to ensure controlled, metered product dispensing.
  • A parent would literally have to pry the EuroDdropper™ apparatus out of the mouth of the bottle to circumvent its protective function. This not easy to do and would take a deliberate attempt to defeat this important safety feature.
  • Baby Ddrops® are designed to be dropped onto a clean surface (such as mother’s nipple, or a clean finger), then licked off the clean surface rather than dropped directly into the baby’s mouth. This permits the Euro Ddropper™ to avoid contact with the baby (keeping it free of contamination).  This method also allows easy monitoring of the number of drops dispensed from the dropper before the baby receives the solution.
  • Baby Ddrops® is sold in the US as two retail versions:
    • 90 drop format or 2.5 mL enough for a 3-month supply when dosed 1 drop daily
    • 60 drop format or 1.7mL for a 2-month supply when dosed 1 drop daily
    • These limited amounts of liquid fill are an additional safety feature
  • Ddrops® also includes tamper revealing caps and safety seals.

What about the information and communication provided to consumers from Ddrops Company? We believe that communication is an important strength of our company. Here are some things that you may not realize:

    • All Ddrops® products have clear language on the outside packaging that features instruction for use pictures, etc.
    • Product strengths are differentiated by package color to minimize confusion between the different dose strengths.
    • All Ddrops® products come with an extensive informational insert that outlines directions. When looking at other products in the marketplace, very few products include the same level of detail in the insert.
    • Ddrops® website has extensive information for parents. This information includes video demonstration of use:

  • Our website has been translated into Spanish and French. There is also downloadable information for consumers in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi and Arabic.
  • Ddrops products have been awarded patents in numerous countries world-wide, including the United States, Canada and Europe.

There are a few other brands of concentrated vitamin D for infants that do not incorporate the same safety features we use for Ddrops®. This is why Ddrops brand products are often recommended by healthcare professionals and experienced parents. Choose your products carefully and always take time to read and research the dosing and administration.