We get asked a lot whether or not to shake the Ddrops® bottle to help get the tiny drop out. The answer is simply, no. All of our Ddrops® products contain a patented Euro DdropperTM technology allowing just one drop of the exact dosage listed on the bottle to be dispensed consistently each and every time, without the need for shaking.

Since the Euro Ddropper TM is built right into the bottle, it creates a self-dispensing dropper that eliminates the need for a measuring spoon, cup or syringe. In the rare occasion your EuroDdropper is not dispensing properly, follow these simple steps:

If the drop is coming out too fast:

  • The bottle can be tilted slightly on an angle from vertical to slow the speed of the drop.
  • To prevent a second drop from coming out, start tilting the bottle at 45 degrees and turning it upright as soon as the drop has been dispensed.

If the drop is coming out too slow:

  • Your bottle of Ddrops might be coming to an end. In the meantime, please be patient. It may be time to purchase a new bottle. (To ensure you are buying the right product for you and your family, please purchase Ddrops® directly from us through our website here
  • If your bottle is still quite new, you may have air trapped inside the bottle. If this happens, do not shake the bottle. Simply put the cap on and gently turn it upside down and right again a few times before use.

Please note: When you first receive your Ddrops®, you may notice that there seems to be very little liquid inside the bottle. It is important to always check that the cap’s tamper evident ring (white ring around the cap of the bottle) has not been opened, as it will detach from the cap when opened. We always ensure that each and every bottle of Ddrops® has at the very least, the exact amount of drops listed on the box, insert and the bottle (most often it is quite a bit more if you were to count the drops). Since each drop of Ddrops® only contains 0.028mL as opposed to a full milliliter, the liquid may seem to be a lot less than other liquid vitamin D products.

If you are more of a visual person, please watch our YouTube video on properly getting the drop out of the Ddrops®  bottle:

For instructions on how to dispense Ddrops, click here.

Follow these simple instructions to help get the drop out:

  • Simply turn the bottle completely upside down. There is no need to shake the bottle, as the drop will fall out by itself, thanks to gravity.
  • Once you see the drop forming, you know that the drop will fall out shortly
  • Once the drop is dispensed, return the bottle to upright position and put on the cap
  • Store bottle upright, between 5°C and 30°C, or 40°F and 85°F