Baby Ddrops® are easy to use and specifically designed for breastfed babies. If you are breastfeeding simply place just one drop of Ddrops® right where baby feeds and as they latch on and start to suck they will get their vitamin D easily. If this is a bit challenging, try placing the tiny drop onto a clean fingertip and then let the baby suck the finger for a few seconds.

Ddrops® products are designed to be dropped onto a clean surface first rather than dropped directly into the mouth. This safe method prevents the Euro Ddropper™ from becoming contaminated by avoidable contact with the mouth. This method also allows for easy monitoring of the number of drops being dispensed prior to a child taking in the product. Most babies prefer liquid so because the drop is such a small amount (0.028mL) and based in a fractionated coconut oil it makes it nearly impossible for the baby to spit it out once it has been consumed.

Still having trouble? Try some of these tips:

  • Most babies prefer liquid, so try to get your finger (with the drop) on the inside of your baby’s cheek, and it should be swallowed without a struggle.
  • A shallow plastic medicine teaspoon is calibrated (available at most pharmacies) which may make it easier to use than a regular teaspoon.
    • Use the upper lip sweep, sweeping the spoon against the inside of your baby’s lip as you pull the spoon from your baby’s mouth.
    • Use your middle or index finger to pull out the corner of baby’s mouth, making a pocket in the cheek.
    • Place just one drop on a clean fingertip or spoon and place it inside the cheek pocket.
  • If your baby is starting to eat solids, simply place just one drop onto a clean spoonful of baby food. We do not recommend placing the drop into a bottle, because if the feed isn’t finished, the drop may get left behind.

We hope these tips help you to ensure that your baby is getting the vitamin D they need, just one drop at a time!

How do you give Ddrops® to your baby? Please share with us in the comments section below.  We would love to hear your tips!