As a pregnant Mom-To-Be, I am always thinking about what I am putting into my body. I take my pre-natal vitamins every day and ensure that I fuel my baby with healthy food and lots of water. This includes regular intake of vitamin D.

Now that spring has arrived, the sun will thankfully provide some natural warmth and vitamin D but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

Here are my FOUR reasons for taking a vitamin D supplement throughout my pregnancy:

My bone and teeth health

During pregnancy, my bones are moving and growing constantly: My body is physically making room for baby and the process can be painful. Vitamin D helps ensure that calcium is absorbed into my body, helping my achy muscles, bone pain and general weakness, all while working to prevent osteoporosis.  There are studies looking at the relationship between vitamin D and  preeclampsia, a condition characterized by high blood pressure.[1] A vitamin D supplement is often advised to support a healthy pregnancy.

The baby’s development

Baby’s bones are growing throughout pregnancy and are directly affected by what I ingest. Vitamin D helps my baby develop strong bones and teeth, and is considered a factor for good health. Also, according to an International Vitamin D Conference held in Belgium[2], mothers who took vitamin D daily had lower rates of premature birth and healthier birth weights. By taking a vitamin D supplement, I’m making sure that my baby is staying as strong and healthy as I am.

The difficulty of natural absorption

Natural sources of vitamin D such as sunshine, fish and red meat are often unable to give me adequate amounts of vitamin D. This is due to living in a colder climate, not spending enough time outdoors and/or being a vegetarian.  I also have celiac disease, which means that my intestines don’t absorb vitamin D efficiently. Taking a vitamin D supplement ensures that I get the right amount of vitamin D when natural absorption just isn’t enough. [3]

Other benefits?

With all the new hormones and changes in my body, it is important that I also keep my overall health in check.  Does vitamin D play a role beyond bones and growth? The research is ongoing to understand the relationship of maternal vitamin D and the health of Mom and Baby. [4]

I checked with my doctor before taking vitamin D supplements and I recommend that you do too. Every body and every Mom-To-Be is different so it is important that you connect with a professional that help you decide what works best for you and your baby. Questions about the best dose sometimes depend on factors such as diet, where you live, color of skin and how much time your spend in direct sunlight.

Natalie Preddie is a Ddrops guest blogger. She is also a freelance writer who lives with her husband and dog in Toronto. They are expecting their first baby in September and they couldn’t be happier! Natalie has been published in the Toronto Star, Star Touch Magazine, PAX Magazine, Vv Magazine,The Baby Post and her popular travel blog, The Adventures of Natty P. Natalie believes that travel is the best education possible and encourages family and friends to explore, discover and learn in order to grow. Natalie also believes in finding deeper solutions in mind/body instead of just treating symptoms. In 2014, Natalie won the Canadian Public Relations Society: Young PR Pro of the Year Award. This year, Natalie won Travel Writer of the Year 2015 for her series on Ontario’s Norfolk County.