Ddrops Company is pleased to announce a special program for authorized Ddrops resellers. As with many products used by families, it is important to purchase Ddrops® products from a trusted source. This new program helps international consumers access more information about the origin of Ddrops® products. The Ddrops Authenticity Certificate is not a blanket coverage or endorsement of a specific identified reseller. These documents are issued on a per order basis to resellers to verify that product was purchased directly from Ddrops Company.

To help international consumers feel comfortable with their Ddrops® products, the following points provide assistance:

  1. Obtain Ddrops® from a trusted source. You may find Ddrops® products available through various resellers, either online or in retail, however Ddrops Company itself does not export outside of North America and the United Kingdom.  You should carefully qualify the source from where you purchase Ddrops® products. Ddrops Company is unable to authenticate any product that has been purchased from any other sources other than our own website.
  2. Reputable sources beyond North America and the UK will often have very specific Ddrops® documentation. Be aware, Ddrops Company does not issue blanket letters of endorsement to resellers. Now only current authorized resellers will have access to a specific Ddrops Certificate of Authenticity for each order placed directly with Ddrops Company.
  3. Look for US labeled product. In the past, both Canadian labeled Ddrops® products (with both English and French language) and US labeled product (only English language) were in distribution in areas outside North America.  The recent months, only the US versions of Ddrops® are distributed via the Ddrops reseller program beyond North America.
  4. From time to time we do make slight changes to our packaging and colours .  These changes are part of a continued improvement that differentiates Ddrops Company products from others in the market. The presence or absence of certain markings are not indications of authentic product. We are unable to validate a product based on pictures, Lot numbers, expiry date or other descriptive information. The best way to ensure that you have authentic product is to obtain product from trusted sources.

Why choose Ddrops® products for your family? The following include important reasons why Ddrops® is a gold standard vitamin D brand worldwide:

  • Meticulous manufacturing! All Ddrops® products are made and packaged in Canada, in a Health Canada licensed facility. All product distributed worldwide is actually made by our highly trained Canadian Ddrops® team. Our facility is licensed by Health Canada and registered by NSF and meets or surpasses North American GMP regulations. Our 400 IU, 600 IU and 1000 IU products are NSF certified.Why Choose Ddrops® products for your family? The following include important reasons why Ddrops® is a gold standard vitamin D brand worldwide:
  • Published clinical, third party proof of efficacy! Several studies involving infants, toddlers and adults have demonstrated that Ddrops does in fact improve vitamin D blood levels.
  • Ddrops® Company holds a portfolio of patents and trademarks in various countries and regions around the world, including China, North America and Europe. These patents recognize the innovative Ddrops® delivery system for liquid vitamin D, which is particularly effective for infants and children.
  • Confidence! Ddrops Company has over 10 years of experience in making, distributing Ddrops® product and communicating with healthcare professionals and consumers.

To read more about Authenticity, click here.

If you have any questions or feedback for us, please contact us through our website, or by calling our toll-free number 1-844-433-7677 Monday to Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm EST.