Every once and awhile, it’s fun to look at your accomplishments and do a little “humble bragging.” Ddrops products just turned 8 years old, so let’s take a look back at some highlights from the past 8 years:

  • Baby Ddrops® is the number one selling infant vitamin in Canada with over 100 million doses sold in Canada alone.
  • Ddrops social media accounts have over 25,000 fans/followers. Are you following us yet?
  • Baby Ddrops® is also used in several Canadian hospitals in the Neonatal ICU, as it has no effect on osmolality (liquid composition of infant feeding) and the single drop is an advantage in this setting.
  • Ddrops® products are often used as study drug in clinical trials all over the world. The Health Canada license, product integrity and stability as well as ease of use makes Ddrops® an option for study and research purposes.  There are currently two published, independent, peer-reviewed clinical trials and several underway. Note that these studies have been done with infants and one study also includes pregnant women.
  • Ddrops® are available in many major online and brick and mortar retailers across the United States, Canada and even the UK! (Have you seen us on Target.com?)
  • Baby Ddrops® have been featured on The Price Is Right during the “It’s In The Bag” pricing game.
  • Big Brother Canada contestants were reminded by their Mom to take their Ddrops!
  • Baby Ddrops® has received awards including Gold from Mom’s Choice, Parent-Tested-Parent Approved, Bounty Mum’s Luv and Green Choice from Well.ca