Happy 150th Birthday, Canada! Canada is the land of cold weather, polite people and…Ddrops!

Did you know that Ddrops are made in Canada? Did you know that Health Canada has a mandate a special division dedicated to review natural health products? The goal is “to assure that all Canadians have ready access to a wide range of natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality.”[1]

This means that all natural health products, including vitamins like Ddrops, need to be approved by Health Canada before being be sold in Canada. These checks include proper manufacturing, without contamination or incorrect ingredients. Even after products are approved, Health Canada conducts post-market monitoring to make sure that regulations are being followed.

Did you know that Ddrops products have been awarded a patent? A portfolio of patents are held by Ddrops® in various countries around the world, not just in Canada. These patents recognize the inventive Ddrops delivery system for liquid vitamin D, which is particularly effective for infants.[2]

Ddrops products are made in Canada with love, and loved all over the world! Our dedicated production team strive to make sure you receive a consistent product. Ddrops have received numerous awards from consumer parent groups including Mom’s Choice, Parent-tested Parent Approved, as well as Green Choice Award.

So don’t wait until your next trip to Canada, try Ddrops today.  For more information, check out our website!


[1] Natural and non-prescription health products. Health Canada  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/prodnatur/index-eng.php

[2] Patent no.9066958.