You asked…we answered!

As we wrap up our Spring DTour, we thought it would be a good idea to pick some of the questions we get asked most at the baby shows we attended this year, and answer them all in one post!

1. Do you have Ddrops samples?

On occasion we provide samples to healthcare professionals, and parents may recall receiving a sample from their physician or midwife.  For consumers, we are not able to provide samples at baby shows.  This is because we are not allowed to! Because Ddrops are a natural health product, we must follow Health Canada guidelines and stay in good standing. Any company who violates these guidelines are jeopardizing their reputation. However, we do always offer both physical tear-off coupons and promotional codes to our online store at our booth, so make sure to drop by to see what’s new!

2. When do I stop giving Ddrops?

Never! Most people believe once their baby starts eating solid foods, it is no longer necessary to supplement extra vitamin D. Unless your child is consuming either…

a) 6 glasses of milk

b) 4 cans of tuna

c) 1 medium sized fish OR

d) 20 eggs

…on a daily basis, they are not receiving the recommended 600 IU of vitamin D. That’s why we designed Ddrops Booster! Still our tasteless, allergen-free one drop format, but a higher dose for your growing child! Adults can get their daily dose with Ddrops Adult 1000 IU.

3) My baby is partially or fully formula fed. Do I still need to give him/her Ddrops? 

This is a great question and not uncommon! Health Canada recommends that partially breastfed infants and formula fed infants should still be taking 400 IU of vitamin D daily. Remember, you should always speak to your doctor first.

We love answering your questions! What would you like to know about Ddrops? What would you like to see at our next DTour stop? Submit your questions here!