How does Thinkmist™ work? It’s as easy as 1, 2, spray!

Thinkmist™ contains our MicroMega Mister™ technology allowing just one precise spray of the exact dosage, 88 mg of DHA per spray, to be dispensed consistently each and every time, without the need for shaking. Since the MicroMega Mister™ is built right into the bottle, it eliminates the need for a measuring spoon, bulb-style dropper or syringe.

Follow these simple instructions once a day, to get ensure your child gets there dose of DHA:

  • Simply remove the top clear cap off your Thinkmist™ bottle. Do not remove the MicroMega Mister™ device, as this helps protect the oil from exposer to the environment.
  • Administer the spray directly onto a food or drink. Alternatively, Thinkmist™ may be sprayed directly into the mouth, on the inner cheek.
  • Once the spray has been administered, put the clear cap back on the bottle and store the bottle in an upright position, refrigerated.

Please note, Thinkmist™ products are designed to be sprayed onto a food or drink item, or directly into the mouth, on the inner cheek. Do not touch the MicroMega Mister™ directly to the mouth. This safe method prevents the MicroMega Mister™ from becoming contaminated by avoidable contact with the mouth

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