Do US insurance plans provide coverage for Ddrops® products?  This is a difficult question.  The answer depends on each insurance plan, their list of covered items (or formulary). Each plan may have developed a policy regarding coverage for over the counter (OTC), non-prescription vitamin D supplements like Ddrops®.

Ddrops Company has provided reimbursements codes to several data warehouses.  We cannot confirm that these codes have been published nor that Ddrops® products are accepted by various insurance plans.  The table below provides some product-specific codes for each Ddrops product available in the US.  The reimbursement code follows the number format usually required by some insurance companies:

Insurance chart new

Please note the following related to this above information.

  • Reimbursement and code systems vary between payers.
  • Private insurance plans, managed care companies and state programs like Medicare and Medicaid may use Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) or their own coding systems.
  • It is best to contact insurance providers for more specific and accurate information.