Unless your baby is potty trained within the first year or so, baby will spend a couple of years in diapers. Being up to 25 times a day and pooping up to 3, it is imperative that you are stocked on diapers to ensure baby has a clean and dry bum. For my family and I, using disposable diapers made sense. We bought ourselves a scent guarding diaper bin and stocked up on our favourite brand. Although I would like to say that one brand is significantly better than another, every baby is different. Primarily, we are loyal to whichever brand is on sale.

We didn’t even know anyone who used reusable diapers and didn’t even know how to go about it. Luckily, for those who do decide to use reusable diapers, there are lots of options when it comes to brands and laundering. For example, in Toronto there is a service called Wonderwear: Modern Diaper Service who delivery clean diapers and take away the dirty ones. These and other similar services make it easy for those who use cloth diapers.

When my son was born, we quickly realized that we needed to have diapers ready in different places around the house. Should there be a diaper emergency or baby blow out, we needed to get to diapers, wipes and new clothes fast. In addition to the changing pad, diapers and wipes in the nursery, we set up a diaper changing station in the basement, in the living room and in the car. We have a box of 1000 wipes in the nursery and smaller packages elsewhere. We also purchased stain remover – I was no aware of how much baby poop stains! The girl-guide mantra ‘Always Be Prepared’ has never been truer.

Regardless of whether you choose disposable or reusable diapers, the rule is, you will need more than you think you do.


Natalie Preddie is a Ddrops guest blogger. She is also a freelance writer who lives with her husband and dog in Toronto. They just had their first baby and couldn’t be happier! Natalie has been published in the Toronto Star, Star Touch Magazine, PAX Magazine, Vv Magazine,The Baby Post and her popular travel blog, The Adventures of Natty P. Natalie believes that travel is the best education possible and encourages family and friends to explore, discover and learn in order to grow. Natalie also believes in finding deeper solutions in mind/body instead of just treating symptoms. In 2014, Natalie won the Canadian Public Relations Society: Young PR Pro of the Year Award. This year, Natalie won Travel Writer of the Year 2015 for her series on Ontario’s Norfolk County.