Why do we go to baby shows? Simply because we love them!

These shows are a great chance for us to stay connected to families, answer any questions they may have in regards to our Ddrops® products and talk about their experiences and what is important to them. We love the opportunity to spend quality face-to-face time with expecting parents and learn more about latest products and services to support growing families.

It also gives us a chance to share the current vitamin D recommendations with future parents as well as explain the different versions of our Ddrops® products. Are you familiar with the different versions of our Ddrops® products? We have a version for each member of your family from early infancy all the way up to adulthood to help keep the bones and teeth of those you love nice and strong. Read about the different versions here. These shows are also a great way for us to make sure everyone that comes and talks to us gets their daily dose of the sunshine vitamin in just one drop with no taste, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Now that we have gone through some of the reasons why we attend a baby show, why do you? We recently did a survey here in Toronto during the last baby show, and these were the top 5 reasons from you when asked why do you attend a baby show?

  1. Family & friends recommended
  2. Gain info & learn
  3. Never been – first timers
  4. For deals/discounts
  5. Samples

Who better to trust than someone you know? Being recommended by family and friends is a great reason to attend a baby show because as part of our human nature, we truly value other people’s thoughts and opinions, especially when they come from those we trust. Here at Ddrops® we absolutely love word of mouth recommendations (so please keep them coming). It isn’t uncommon to see people bring their friends and family members over to our booth to educate them on the importance of vitamin D (especially while breastfeeding), as well as the convenience of our Ddrops® products for the whole family.

Baby events are important and unique because this is a gathering of people who are in similar situations, share the same challenges and want to learn more about parenting.  What a great social event for you to connect with other parents and your children to be social with others! So regardless of the weather, why not make a day of it!

Once at the show, a baby show can tend to be very overwhelming for new and expecting parents. There is a lot going on with so many things to see and so much to learn, but this is also a fun time to plan and learn a lot before the baby comes. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Baby Show experience:

  • Look at the floorplan and exhibitors beforehand, so you can get the most out of your time there. This will also help you navigate your way around before you get there.
  • Know your prices before going to the show. That way, you can really scope out a good deal.

What questions do we often get asked at baby shows? We’ve compiled those for you to read here. These are the reasons why we love attending baby shows, as well as some of the questions we get asked frequently. What are your reasons for attending a baby show? How far along in your pregnancy do you feel you need the most information or when does it just become an absolute information overload? We’re always here to help, and since most of us are parents ourselves, we can totally relate so please feel free to reach out! Follow us on social media and look for us at the next baby event!