Liger (lion + tiger) and hangry (hungry + angry) are some of the most common hybrid terms, combining two words to create a new one. Mentoil®, our patented Coldrops® formula, is also a hybrid term. Want to take a guess at what Mentoil® might mean?

Mentoil® is a unique concentrated blend of menthol and fractionated coconut oil. Together in Coldrops® these ingredients deliver a fresh and cooling sensation, coating the mouth and throat to help temporarily soothe your stuffy nose, cough and sore throat. All Coldrops® products are formulated with Mentoil®, to provide you with natural symptom relief in just one drop or spray.

Menthol has been studied for years and is an approved medical ingredient by Health Canada. Menthol is what causes mint to be ‘minty’ and makes your body feel cool, providing soothing relief. Once viewed as an herbal treatment, menthol is now used as a natural but effective cold remedy. To learn more about how menthol works, visit our blog post here.

The menthol in Mentoil® is naturally-sourced from Mentha arvensis, commonly known as wild mint. We have squeezed as much menthol as we can into one tiny drop to deliver natural relief. The fractionated coconut oil acts as a simple carrier to coat the entire mouth with our powerful Mentoil® formula.

With only two ingredients, Coldrops® products help you fight through your cold, without the unwanted chemicals. We dropped the sugar, artificial sweeteners, and the decongestants to make Coldrops® easy and simple.

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Chloe Beaudoin is an Honors Business Administration candidate at Ivey Business School. As a passionate learner, Chloe is always looking to grow her list of hobbies and interests including gardening, baking and nutrition.