We could tell you that vitamin D is important because it helps babies develop strong bones.

We could tell you that vitamin D is important because it helps children maintain strong bones and teeth.

We could tell you that vitamin D is important because it helps older adults maintain healthy bones.

You probably already knew all of this.  So ask yourself then, “so what”?  Let’s talk about why vitamin D is truly so important in our lives.

  • A baby’s first step
  • A toddler hopping around like a bunny
  • A child doing cartwheels over and over again in the backyard
  • A child climbing the monkey bars at the park
  • Children participating in a hockey tournament
  • A young couple walking hand in hand
  • Newlyweds dancing with friends and family on the night of their wedding
  • A mother running after her toddler
  • A father carrying his child on his shoulders so that he can see the circus act
  • A grandmother pushing her grandchild on the swings
  • A grandfather walking through an apple orchard with his grandchild

All of these things require healthy, strong bones.  Did you know that you were born with 270 bones?  Some of them fused together so as you grew, you eventually had 206 bones.  You probably don’t think of your bones while doing physical activities, but you certainly do need them.  Think of what you could miss out on in a few years from now if you didn’t have your strong bones to rely on.   Of course vitamin D is not the only thing that is required for strong bones.  You need a healthy diet, exercise and good genes help also.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem.  Talk to your physician or your pharmacist now to find out your vitamin D needs.

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Natalie Bourré is a Ddrops Guest Blogger. She is a mom of 4 young children, health writer  and social media consultant who is passionate about promoting good health for the entire family. She is keen to share scientific information about about vitamin D in an easy to understand fashion. She also truly listens to people’s input and as such, she welcomes you to connect, discuss and share your questions and feedback with her on our social media accounts.