Happy International Nursing Day!

Today is a great way to show appreciation for all of the nurses in your life, and recognize all of the contributions they make to society each and every day.

It’s also a great time to have a laugh about all the funny things that happen when you’re a nurse. Check out our list!

You know you’re a nurse when:

  • You can drink a pot of coffee then go home and go to bed
  • You watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and you can only see the people as injured patients and can’t laugh
  • You listen to everyone’s ailments
  • You replace words with medical abbreviations during conversations with family and friends
  • You can only tell time with a 24 hour clock
  • Your idea of fine dining is anywhere you can sit down to eat
  • You start every conversation with, “So today at work there was this really gross thing…”
  • You have your weekends off planned a year in advance
  • You believe, in medicine, to always remember never to say always and never
  • Not only does your watch tell the time but it has a pulse timer that will count in 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 second intervals and will take your blood pressure
  • You are going out to dinner or somewhere nice and realize you have no nice clothes but 500 pairs of scrubs in every color, style, and print available
  • You’ve run out of linens, syringes, IV fluid, meds and patience all at the same time
  • You think pizza, cookies and coke make a balanced meal
  • You can read a doctor’s handwriting
  • You’ve learned to celebrate holidays at creative times
  • You love your job despite the hardships that you have to face every day

Whether you’re a practical nurse, a nurse practitioner, or a registered nurse…thank you for all you do!

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